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Coping with An Angry Partner

Today research indicates many millennials are waiting longer than previous generations to get married. In a recent study 43% of millennials endorsed the idea of having a 2-year marriage license that could be renewed like a car lease. One could imagine the new marriage...

Feel Like a Fraud? Living with Imposter Syndrome

It is notable that many NYC psychotherapists and psychologists find their therapy offices filled with high achieving millennials with big jobs, but bigger doubts. These high achieving and ostensibly successful people who in-spite of their accomplishments, promotions,...

Why New Yorkers are So Depressed? The Role of Perfectionism

On almost every block in New York City you will find either a bank, Duane Read or Starbucks. If you look close enough you will also find a psychotherapist. In the popular 10003 zip code on Psychology Today there are over 500 plus psychotherapists or psychologists...

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