Specializing in partner, professional, social & family relationships


Specializing in partner, professional, social & family relationships

Commitment Issues

Do you end relationships prematurely? Do you fear losing your independence if you commit to a long -term relationship? Are you attracted to people who are unavailable? Saying yes to any of these questions may suggest you have commitment issues. Although people with commitment issues may consciously want a long-term relationship, fear about taking a relationship to the next level may lead them to emotionally withdraw. People with commitment issues may also be hypercritical of others as a way to avoid intimacy.

How I Help with comittment issues and anxiety

How I can help with commitment issues

I will help you evaluate what type of relationship you want and create a safe place to explore relationship needs. Through exploration you will increase your understanding of conflicting motives regarding commitment. You will learn mindfulness to develop compassion/acceptance towards others. I will help you understand and build skills to confront fears regarding vulnerability. You will learn to balance your desire to connect with others while maintaining your identity.

Negative or Abusive Relationships

Does every relationship lead to similar results? Is it a coincidence or something more? You may find that you seem to be in relationships with people who continually treat you in a negative fashion. Understanding and breaking this pattern can be helpful in finding more suitable partners. Sometimes low self esteem leads people to choose unsuitable partners who are emotionally or physically abusive. Often people who have experienced sexual or physical trauma in a relationship are still struggling with anxiety, nightmares and bothersome thoughts.

How I Help with partner conflict

How I help with negative partner patterns

I will help you improve decision making regarding partner selection. Identify negative partners that you may be drawn to. Enhance self -image issues that may lead to engaging in negative relationships. Explore motives behind relationship selection. Explore connections between relationship patterns and self-image.Provide exposure therapy for Trauma from abusive relationships

Dating Issues

Do you find dating depressing or stressful? Dating can be difficult for many reasons such as rejection, frustration about not finding a good fit, or anxiety while on the date. On dates you may feel anxiety about saying the right things or obsessing over making a perceived mistake. This anxiety or hyper self-consciousness may lead to acting awkwardly or be inconsistent with one’s sense of self.

How I Help with partner conflict

How I can help with dating

You will understanding your dating style. You will learn to manage anxiety on dates. I will teach you mindfulness skills to assess a partner accurately and express yourself freely. You will develop skills to manage rejection on dates.

Relationship Loss & Abandonment

Did you just break up with someone you were dating or end your marriage? Are you in a steady relationship but fear the person you are with will leave you? Loss of a relationship can impact self-esteem and lead to depression. Additionally, some individuals who are in a relationship may fear losing the relationship. This fear may actually push others away and activate the person’s worst fear.

How I Help with partner conflict

How I can help with Loss & Abandonment

I can help you process feelings and mourn the loss of a significant other. I can help you modify negative thoughts to learn how to manage being alone more effectively. You will learn acceptance and mindfulness skills to manage loss and abandonment fears. You will gain insight into understanding fears regarding being alone. I will help you improve your relationship with yourself and enhance your capacity to be alone.

Work and Peer Relationships

Dislike your boss? Dissatisfied with your friends? Getting along with others in work situations can make the difference between a promotion and getting fired. Many people have difficulty with authority or struggle to manage emotions in a work setting. Learning communication and stress management skills can greatly help you navigate conflicts with colleagues or supervisors. In one’s social life, establishing positive relationships can also be challenging. You may have difficulty making friends or getting what you desire from the relationships you have.

How I Help with partner conflict

How I Can Help with Work/Peer Relationships

I will help you develop communication skills to express yourself assertively rather than aggressively. You will increase your frustration tolerance to manage feelings and work stress. Socially, I will help you resolve and manage conflict to maintain friendships. I will help you improve your relationships with peers by helping you to express needs. I will assist you in helping to evaluate appropriate friendships.

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