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Coping with An Angry Partner

Today research indicates many millennials are waiting longer than previous generations to get married. In a recent study 43% of millennials endorsed the idea of having a 2-year marriage license that could be renewed like a car lease. One could imagine the new marriage...

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What Makes Love Last?

What Makes Love Last? As we know there are couples that stay happily married for many decades. How do they do it? When pondering this question, the movie, “When Harry Met Sally” came to mind. In the opening scene, as a schmaltzy jazz soundtrack plays in the...

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Managing The Fear of Being Included (FOBI)

In response to my last blog on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) many people have also expressed experiencing FOBI (Fear of Being Included). FOBI according to self reports from clients is distress or reluctance about being invited to join a group or social event. A more...

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Living With FOMO: Tips

Increasingly many of my clients are self-diagnosing themselves with FOMO (The Fear of Missing Out). My clients report the pain of either being alone, working, or attending a pedestrian family gathering, while others are backstage at U2, on electrifying dates, or...

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